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Why List With Us?

With so many search engines and databases - why is LOCATENOTARY.COM the one to spend your money on? We see all the places to advertise and list too. There are a lot, but ask yourself: are there really a lot of good ones? ?

We asked thousands of notaries nationwide what they wanted in a database. We also asked thousands of title and escrow professionals nationwide. Between the two, there was a clear common denominator - simpicity! Our site is simple, easy to use and not complicated with silly ads for everything under the sun. Real estate professionals who seek out their own notaries (as opposed to using a signing agency) want speed and ease. They want a site with results.

Next-fees. It's a waste to spend less on something that does not work. This is not a get rich quick scheme for us. The fees allow for money to advertise and promote this site to your clients. We know what others are charging; we are not the cheapest but not the most expensive. We know you are getting pounded with offers to advertise and we know there are choices. We think looking at our site and the quality of people we have listed, combined with the awareness and promotion to the biggest and best lenders in the US, you cannot afford NOT to be listed with us. We hope you agree and list today!

LOCATENOTARY.COM is adding qualified notaries every day. Our database receives multiple updates and additions every hour. We are dedicated to providing the best notary directory in the United States for the benefit of Notaries and those who hire Notaries.

Setting up a database can be easy but advertising is expensive. We are sending your information to our base of Escrow and Title companies monthly to literally thousands. You can list with a lot of directories, but do they promote themselves to the people that looking for Notary? We do!