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Question: What makes LOCATENOTARY.COM different from all the other notary directories available on the Internet?
Answer: LOCATENOTARY.COM is not just a regular directory. We are promoting your information to the Title Companies and Escrow officers.

Question: How is LOCATENOTARY.COM promoted?
Answer: We know that direct marketing works best in any line of business. You do not have to make the calls to your potential customers; we make the calls for you. LOCATENOTARY.COM is also promoted through search engine placement, articles, newsletters an ads.

Question: What are the the rates for being listed at LOCATENOTARY.COM ?
Answer: Our listing rates are: $20.00 for a one year listing, $30.00 for a two year listing and $40.00 for a three year listing at LOCATENOTARY.COM.

If your questions were not answered here, please email our support department with any questions you may have info@locatenotary.com